There are many variations in logo design, and a business owner must be aware of these variations when it comes to professionalism. Logos are of different types, such as emblem, mascots, monogram, abstract, face, wordmarks, font-based, etc. A business owner in Autin needs to pick the right one while considering your business/website nature and type and target of your niche. When it comes to a vintage logo design, it takes a slight edge in the creative market among other designs. The vintage logo refers to a piece of art strongly considered by big giants out there starting their new venture.

Vintage Logo

Vintage style logo designs are classic shapes, artistic typography, and faded colors popular in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. If anyone is facing difficulties with a good concept for your logo, one should consider a vintage logo design. The vintage logo is also known as Retro that gives a unique feel to your brand. Logo designers of these days consider the time period between the 1920s to 1970 under the term “Vintage.” They pay tribute to that special era by utilizing the method of vintage in their work. 

Vintage designs aren’t affected by time, taste, age, or style. Circles and complex patterns are most popular in vintage logos. Graphic Designer Use bright primary colors while designing logos to give the feel of the 1960s and 1970s. The most commonly used in vintage logo design is the combination of two-toned colors. A retro logo takes memories of the past. This design involves vintage typography. You can use fonts like Motherline, Stiquez, Jibril, Hemingwar, Atara, etc. A true vintage look comes with a mix of typefaces. Mixing cursive fonts with vintage fonts leads to a great vintage logo. The most interesting part of the vintage logo design is the use of borders. Your logo in Austin can look smart, cool, relaxing, welcoming, or even full of action, all based on the time period and place you’re taking your vintage logo inspiration from. However, Vintage logos are not suitable for all types of businesses. Some companies require vintage logos to establish their business. 

Vintage logos are a good choice for brands that indicate an old-fashioned approach to their business. In this modern era, the enthusiasm for logos designed with vintage themes seems to be never-ending. Popular and well-known brands like automobiles, restaurants, beers, cafes, wineries, and many others stick to vintage logo designs in Austin. If a company desires to stay on top of the audience’s mind, then a vintage logo is undoubtedly a great choice. 


Some renowned vintage logos are given below:



The making of the Starbucks logo is in itself a fascinating tale. Starbucks’ founder trio had decided on a better name for their brand, so they started to work on their logo. The original Starbucks logo featured a mermaid with two tails from Greek mythology, which lured the sailors to their enchanting song’s deaths. This starbucks logo is a great example of a vintage logo.


Jack Daniels:

Jack Daniel’s is a Tennessee whiskey brand that is also the top-selling American whiskey in the world. Jasper ‘Jack’ Newton Daniel’s famous charcoal-mellowed whiskey has a classic vintage design.


Levi Strauss

Levi Strauss & Co. is one of the renowned American clothing brands. There are two cow-boy vintage logo signs in a Levi Strauss. 


Herschel Supply Co

Herschel Supply Co is one of the world’s famous clothing brands, which is a good example of a vintage logo. A brand’s homegrown roots inspire this vintage logo.



Cabela’s logo still uses common vintage motifs like a simple cursive wordmark logo in a vintage color palette with a more subtle vintage feel.


Farm Boy

Farm Boy is an organic market-style grocer. Farm Boy’s logo perfectly encapsulates vintage style with an imperfect sketch, all caps Serif font, rough and curved container.


Eventually, vintage is a style that tells a story. A vintage logo is a great way to start that story. If you’re looking to capture a sense of adventure or perhaps nostalgia for bygone days, using a vintage logo is a good way to do just that.